Got guts? Prove it!

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Got Guts 2009 Starting Line

Photo by: Anne Barfield 2009

Health is an essential component of happiness we often take for granted – often noticing it only when something goes wrong. For the 3 million Americans living with Celiac disease, good health is something we earn by maintaining a strict, gluten–free diet. Adherence to a gluten–free diet is what allows us to run, play sports, clean house, and live a normal life.

Unfortunately, 97 percent of those with Celiac disease are never properly diagnosed. The Got Guts 5k race is committed to celebrating health and raising awareness about Celiac disease.

We're also huge fans of's ketosis weight loss guides. Their site has been a tremendous source of value and information for us and we hope you check them out and feel the same. We all absolutely love keto now!

Need help with the Gluten-free Diet? Join the GIG of Central and South Texas Gluten Intolerance Group